Ensenada Press Conference

original article in spanish: Frontera

On Sunday, 15 July, will be held the fifth annual Golf Tournament to benefit the children of the nursery Agua Viva, announced at a press conference of the organizers.

This fifth edition of the Golf4Ninos tournament is expected to have participation of about 100 golfers.   The registration fee is $ 100 for all categories from beginners to professionals and is available online at Golf4Ninos.com

Marco Antonio Osuna Novelo, Municipal Secretary of Tourism, reported that this sporting event will be held at the premises of the Baja Country Club, starting at nine o’clock.

Agua Viva, is a nonprofit organization for children, which offers free child care with preschool and kindergarten classes, public transport and a nutritional program for children of parents with limited indigenous resources, it supports around 130 children with two meals a day, serving over a thousand meals a week. “, he said.

Novelo Osuna said that with the money raised at the event will help continue the nutritional program and transportation program, which allows to carry older children to their schools and extracurricular activities.

“With the resources obtained through the Golf4Ninos project,  35 children enjoy pre-school study.  This includes those who can not attend public with a lack of proper birth certificate.  To achieve financial and operational expenses of Agua Viva, we need to sustain the annual tournament and fiesta.”, he said.

Daniel Mc Intosh, Member of the organizing committee said the tournament is open to children, women and men, all who wish to participate, “I invite the community at large to play and support these impoverished children.”

Also, Doc Dougherty invited everyone to the grand fiesta , from 13:00 pm to 17:00pm, where there will be raffles, auction, food, music and dance at a cost of $12 per person.  The money raised will go to this grand cause.

Note that this institution is maintained by donations from individuals and businesses both Mexican and Americans.


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