Raise a Child

That smile sure has lots of hope in it.

Raised by Jon & Arlene Reynolds at Agua Viva Guarderia here in Ensenada, Karla Carmona was given hope for a fantastic future.  She graduated from Grossmont College with an AA in science.  She is now at UABC Medical School in Ensenada.

Many kids don’t have hope.  Their broken/non-existent homes teach them that a next meal or a drink of water is the highest level of achievement available.

Agua Viva Guarderia provides hope for so many children.  Agua Viva is an orphanage, home, shelter, food source, school, community center and so much more.  It is strategically located in the middle of the agricultural fields of Maneadero/Punta Banda on the south side of Ensenada.

You can visit any time and see what it takes to keep that facility and its hope alive. It is mapped here.

You can also see and support the younger children at the 5th annual Golf4Ninos Fiesta this Sunday, July 15, 1PM-5PM at Baja Country Club.  Or you can hit the donate button on this site.

Speaking of donations, Karla Carmona will also be at Baja Country Club this Sunday.  She and another UABC Med Student will be giving free blood pressure tests for the golfers and guests.  She is donating her day to pay forward her success to the younger kids at Agua Viva.

Thanks for reading here and thanks for your support.  Hope to see you this Sunday.

Great Job, KARLA!  You have ME smiling this morning.



  1. Posted July 10, 2012 at 9:42 AM | Permalink | Reply

    Though I havent met you yet Karla, Ive heard so much of your heart for serving. SHE Ensenada Outreach Ministry thanks you for volunteering your time to helping in reaching and giving back to your fellow community. You are in inspiration to me and I cant wait to meet you. YOLIE AGUILAR (SHE Leader)

    • golf4ninos
      Posted July 16, 2012 at 8:46 PM | Permalink | Reply

      Yolie, went by your booth several times, but, missed you yesterday. Thanks for your support. Gave you some love on our Golf4Ninos.com sponsor page by clipping your logo from a photo at the Fiesta. CHEERS

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