Thank you to the Punta Banda & Ensenada community, plus our SoCal & Nevada friends who supported Golf4Ninos 2012. It was a grand success.  $8,758USD is our exciting final profit total going to the kids at Agua Viva Shelter, located in the agrcultural fields of  west Maneadero,  bordering the hills of Punta Banda.

Great thanks to the volunteers before, during and while work is still going on after the event:
Linda Brigman, Frankie Cannino, Karla Carmona, Eban Cervantes, Luis Cervantes, Carla Foulk, Jim Foulk, Nicole Goldberg, Dorry Grey, Hideyo Harada, Rand Lane, Monny Lozano, Bryan Teets, Liz Lynch, David Lynch, Christine Kellerman, Carol Main, Patty McIntosh, Danny McIntosh, DeDe Perry, Daniel Rodriquez, Mary Ann Seefeldt, Jamie Smith, Judy Swan, Matt Tomas and Sylvia Vaughn.

All the BEST to our 2012 Directors: Irka Davis(Director of Tickets, Admissions and Raffle), Trisha & Jay Dworsky(Directors of Sales/Marketing), Sharon & Don Heafey(Directors of Ensenada Norte & Fotos), Bruce Massey(Director of Tacos), Sonya & Mac McDougal(Directors Especial), Dan McIntosh(EVENT FOUNDER & Director of Golf), Connie Morgan(Director of Fiesta), Lyn & Terry Callison(Directors General), Kathleen Taormina(Director of Support).

Thanks to La Sociedad de Vecinos/Punta Banda for their confidence in the worthiness of our cause and their $1,000 donation.

“Hey, I had a good time and want to get involved for 2013!”. Hey, the Golf4Ninos.com DONATE button(top left this page) is open 24/7 for any financial support, as Agua Viva is still sheltering, housing, feeding, educating, transporting and raising children. Or stay tuned here at the PB Bulletin Board for next year’s planning, beginning January 2013. Or BOTH!

Thank you for your support.


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