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Thank you to the Punta Banda & Ensenada community, plus our SoCal & Nevada friends who supported Golf4Ninos 2012. It was a grand success.  $8,758USD is our exciting final profit total going to the kids at Agua Viva Shelter, located in the agrcultural fields of  west Maneadero,  bordering the hills of Punta Banda.

Great thanks to the volunteers before, during and while work is still going on after the event:
Linda Brigman, Frankie Cannino, Karla Carmona, Eban Cervantes, Luis Cervantes, Carla Foulk, Jim Foulk, Nicole Goldberg, Dorry Grey, Hideyo Harada, Rand Lane, Monny Lozano, Bryan Teets, Liz Lynch, David Lynch, Christine Kellerman, Carol Main, Patty McIntosh, Danny McIntosh, DeDe Perry, Daniel Rodriquez, Mary Ann Seefeldt, Jamie Smith, Judy Swan, Matt Tomas and Sylvia Vaughn.

All the BEST to our 2012 Directors: Irka Davis(Director of Tickets, Admissions and Raffle), Trisha & Jay Dworsky(Directors of Sales/Marketing), Sharon & Don Heafey(Directors of Ensenada Norte & Fotos), Bruce Massey(Director of Tacos), Sonya & Mac McDougal(Directors Especial), Dan McIntosh(EVENT FOUNDER & Director of Golf), Connie Morgan(Director of Fiesta), Lyn & Terry Callison(Directors General), Kathleen Taormina(Director of Support).

Thanks to La Sociedad de Vecinos/Punta Banda for their confidence in the worthiness of our cause and their $1,000 donation.

“Hey, I had a good time and want to get involved for 2013!”. Hey, the DONATE button(top left this page) is open 24/7 for any financial support, as Agua Viva is still sheltering, housing, feeding, educating, transporting and raising children. Or stay tuned here at the PB Bulletin Board for next year’s planning, beginning January 2013. Or BOTH!

Thank you for your support.



Jesus Munoz, Jorge Valenzuela, Alejandro Gracida, Gustavo Rodriguez LOS CAMPEONES de GOLF4NINOS 2012.

LOADS OF PHOTOS HERE , most of them taken by our Chief Directors of Photography, Sharon Heafy and Christine Kellerman.  Photos are from morning golf, putting contest, Fiesta prep and THE GRAND FIESTA itself.  Smiling faces are abundant.

Thanks to our Directors Dan McIntosh,  Irka Davis, Connie Morgan, Bruce Massey, Sharon/Don Heafy, Sonya/Mac McDougal, Trisha/Jay Dworsky, Kathleen Taormina and Lyn/Terry Callison.

There are at least 100 more people to thank and will start posting later this week(Our webmaster needs some zen time).  Grand event and a grand success.

“HEY, GOLF4NINOS, how do I get involved next year???”.  Next year started this morning.  DONATE BUTTON works, top left corner this site, so thank you for keeping them coming.  The money goes to the Agua Viva shelter right here in our back yard on the south side of Ensenada.  SALUD

Raise a Child

That smile sure has lots of hope in it.

Raised by Jon & Arlene Reynolds at Agua Viva Guarderia here in Ensenada, Karla Carmona was given hope for a fantastic future.  She graduated from Grossmont College with an AA in science.  She is now at UABC Medical School in Ensenada.

Many kids don’t have hope.  Their broken/non-existent homes teach them that a next meal or a drink of water is the highest level of achievement available.

Agua Viva Guarderia provides hope for so many children.  Agua Viva is an orphanage, home, shelter, food source, school, community center and so much more.  It is strategically located in the middle of the agricultural fields of Maneadero/Punta Banda on the south side of Ensenada.

You can visit any time and see what it takes to keep that facility and its hope alive. It is mapped here.

You can also see and support the younger children at the 5th annual Golf4Ninos Fiesta this Sunday, July 15, 1PM-5PM at Baja Country Club.  Or you can hit the donate button on this site.

Speaking of donations, Karla Carmona will also be at Baja Country Club this Sunday.  She and another UABC Med Student will be giving free blood pressure tests for the golfers and guests.  She is donating her day to pay forward her success to the younger kids at Agua Viva.

Thanks for reading here and thanks for your support.  Hope to see you this Sunday.

Great Job, KARLA!  You have ME smiling this morning.

Ensenada Press Conference

original article in spanish: Frontera

On Sunday, 15 July, will be held the fifth annual Golf Tournament to benefit the children of the nursery Agua Viva, announced at a press conference of the organizers.

This fifth edition of the Golf4Ninos tournament is expected to have participation of about 100 golfers.   The registration fee is $ 100 for all categories from beginners to professionals and is available online at

Marco Antonio Osuna Novelo, Municipal Secretary of Tourism, reported that this sporting event will be held at the premises of the Baja Country Club, starting at nine o’clock.

Agua Viva, is a nonprofit organization for children, which offers free child care with preschool and kindergarten classes, public transport and a nutritional program for children of parents with limited indigenous resources, it supports around 130 children with two meals a day, serving over a thousand meals a week. “, he said.

Novelo Osuna said that with the money raised at the event will help continue the nutritional program and transportation program, which allows to carry older children to their schools and extracurricular activities.

“With the resources obtained through the Golf4Ninos project,  35 children enjoy pre-school study.  This includes those who can not attend public with a lack of proper birth certificate.  To achieve financial and operational expenses of Agua Viva, we need to sustain the annual tournament and fiesta.”, he said.

Daniel Mc Intosh, Member of the organizing committee said the tournament is open to children, women and men, all who wish to participate, “I invite the community at large to play and support these impoverished children.”

Also, Doc Dougherty invited everyone to the grand fiesta , from 13:00 pm to 17:00pm, where there will be raffles, auction, food, music and dance at a cost of $12 per person.  The money raised will go to this grand cause.

Note that this institution is maintained by donations from individuals and businesses both Mexican and Americans.

Golf4Ninos July 15, 2012

Our Cheerleaders for Charity are excited to see YOU on Sunday, July 15.

Imagine having a direct impact on a child’s life.  Our organization supports Agua Viva children’s shelter in Ensenada, Mexico.

Our July 15th  2012 Golf Tournament and Fiesta, you will help clothe, feed, shoe and shelter impoverished children.  Business or personal sponsors, gift donations for auction or raffle, golfers or anyone who would like to join us for a weekend full of fun in Ensenada are welcome.

Sunday, July 15, 2012:

1. 7:30 Continental breakfast/registration for golfers, putting contest

2. 9AM Shotgun Start, Prizes for First 3 Teams and last place team. $40,000 hole-in-one prize, 2 long drive and 2 closest to pin prizes, our attractive blood pressure check team,

3. 1PM Grand Fiesta.  If you don’t golf, please join us for this fun party.  Taco bar, reasonably priced cash bar, music, raffle, silent auction, $50,000 shootout for winning golf team, Golf Awards Ceremony, prizes for best male and female golf outfit(non-golfers highly encouraged on this) CHEERLEADERS for photo opportunities and loads of FUN.  All of this with a few more surprises for only $12USD/160 pesos.  Every penny of profit goes to the kids at Agua Viva Shelter on the south side of Ensenada.   Fiesta photo album: G4NKodakSlideshow

Visit the registration page on this site.  Paypal/CreditCard button for ez payment and donation.  Updates will be posted regularly. or (619)618-0508 for sponsors, gifts, golfers, questions, details, volunteers, other. Mexico cell phone: 044(646)121-9883.   USA 619-618-0508  

Thank YOU for your SUPPORT, Doc Dougherty and our dedicated team of volunteers

15 July, 2012, Baja Country Club, Ensenada


Imagine having a direct impact on a child’s life.  Our organization supports Agua Viva children’s shelter in Ensenada, Mexico.

Our July 15th  2012 Golf Tournament and Fiesta will help clothe, feed, shoe and shelter impoverished children.  Business or personal sponsors, gift donations for auction or raffle, golfers or anyone who would like to join us for a weekend full of fun in Ensenada are welcome. 


1. Please click above to fill out online registration form
2. Then click DONATE BUTTON to the left to pay for your registration

[ ] PLATINO /EL PATRON 13,500mp/1,000usd, full page on G4N website, Front Page Listing on 15 July program, elite putting green/clubhouse promo space, elite Fiesta promo space, Hole Sponsor Space on course, 3 minutes microphone time at Fiesta, 4 golfers, 8 Fiesta/food tickets, 20 raffle tickets

[ ] ORO/GOLD ESPECIAL 8,000 mp/600usd, Hole Sponsor Space on course, G4N website, 4 golfers, Fiesta promo space,  4 Fiesta/food tickets, 20 raffle tickets

[ ] PLATA/SILVER HOLE Sponsor 2,700mp/200usd: Hole Sponsor Space on course, G4N website, Fiesta promo space, 2 Fiesta/food tickets

[ ] BRONCE/BRONZE Business  Sponsor 1,350mp/100usd (or more), G4N website, Fiesta promo space, 2 fiesta/food tickets

[ ] COBRE/COPPER Personal Sponsor 270mp/20usd (or more) website recognition, 1 fiesta ticket

[ ] SALSA/FIESTA 160mp/12usd  Fiesta, Dinner Buffet, Music, Auction, Raffle. 1PM GATE OPEN, Dinner: 2:30-4PM

[ ] ESMERALDA GOLF 4SOME 5,400mp/400usd, 4 golfers, 20 free raffle tickets.

[ ] VERDE/ GOLF 1,350mp/100usd, Golf, Range Balls, Fiesta Food, Prizes, Scramble(“Best Shot”)format, 1 free raffle ticket.  HOLE IN ONE SHOT on #8 for $40,000usd PLUS  $50,000usd SHOOTOUT for 4 lucky golfers at hole #2!

[ ] CABERNET Gift Donor for Auction(retail > 2,700mp/200usd)***

[ ] CHARDONNAY Raffle Prize Donor(retail < 2,700mp/200usd)***

***Gift/Prize Donation Description____________________________________________________

Name_______________________________________   Email______________________________


$$$ amount total___________________________Phone__________________________________

[ ] check: Zion Ministries, c/o Agua Viva    757 Emory St #222, Imperial Beach, CA 91932

[ ] PAYPAL/Credit Card via “DONATE” buttons on website

[ ] CASH                            ALL Profits to Agua Viva Shelter,  (501c3 # available upon request)          044(646)121-9883 Mex cell         (619)618-0508 USA