page1: Niños

  • Agua Viva/Living Waters Day Care: Our goal is to keep families together by providing childcare, a full feeding program, tailored education programs(including pre-school and Bible studies) and transportation.

  • Many children born to poor, single parents are given to orphanages or childrens’ homes because the parent must work to provide food and shelter and they have no one to watch their children. Paid day care is not an option since their earnings are very meager. They give them up with the intention of returning for them very shortly but, sadly, they rarely ever get “ahead” enough to come back to get them and the parental bonds are lost or broken.

  • Our goal is to reach out to the entire family, working to reunite them.  If reunion proves challenging, we strive to keep family ties strong.  Most children of school age attned local schools and regular church services.  Additional emphasis is placed on Christian education in home through daily devotionals and bible study.  English is also taught.

  • Agua Viva is located in the heart of the agricultural area of Maneadero, south of Ensenada.  120-150 meals are served daily.  Agua Viva is under the full-time on-site direction of:

  • Jon & Arlene Reynolds, 41076 Arron Court, Murrieta, CA 92562

  • 011-52(646)124-2727 from USA/outside Mexico…(646)124-2727 in Mexico

  • email


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