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Jesus Munoz, Jorge Valenzuela, Alejandro Gracida, Gustavo Rodriguez LOS CAMPEONES de GOLF4NINOS 2012.

LOADS OF PHOTOS HERE , most of them taken by our Chief Directors of Photography, Sharon Heafy and Christine Kellerman.  Photos are from morning golf, putting contest, Fiesta prep and THE GRAND FIESTA itself.  Smiling faces are abundant.

Thanks to our Directors Dan McIntosh,  Irka Davis, Connie Morgan, Bruce Massey, Sharon/Don Heafy, Sonya/Mac McDougal, Trisha/Jay Dworsky, Kathleen Taormina and Lyn/Terry Callison.

There are at least 100 more people to thank and will start posting later this week(Our webmaster needs some zen time).  Grand event and a grand success.

“HEY, GOLF4NINOS, how do I get involved next year???”.  Next year started this morning.  DONATE BUTTON works, top left corner this site, so thank you for keeping them coming.  The money goes to the Agua Viva shelter right here in our back yard on the south side of Ensenada.  SALUD